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Screenguild Promise

Our promise is to ensure the vision you have for your company is represented in the marketing, branding and advertising that we create on your behalf.

Who We Are

We are a custom sign shop with complete design, production and installation services. We take pride in our ability to meet tight deadlines while not sacrificing quality. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials in every project we can.

We proudly provide our products and services to Malls, Property Management companies and Real Estate firms, Small Businesses, Medium sized businesses, Large Corporate entities, Schools, Government, Not for Profit, etc.

History Of Screenguild Signs Ltd.

Jim Bosley was a man gifted with artistic skill with a brush – he could hand-letter pretty much any sign that one needed. As a teenager in the early 50’s, Jim became an apprentice sign painter at Sign-Ads, a sign company located at West 7th and Ash in Vancouver (now condos).

In 1967, Jim was offered a job at CBO (Columbia Basin Outdoor Advertising) in Pasco, Washington. The pay was $5.00 an hour. Sign-Ads was paying him $4.00 an hour at that time, and was unable to match the boost in pay.

So Jim and his family moved to the USA, and he commenced working for CBO, where he learned screenprinting. But Jim and his family missed Canada, and decided to return a year later to their roots. The only trouble was – he didn’t have a job waiting for him.

But one of Jim’s friends at the time, Kerry Mulhall, was a bit of a born salesman. So Jim and Kerry formed a partnership and started a new business – Screenguild Signs. The year was 1968. Kerry was the sales guy, knocking on doors and gathering customers, and Jim was the production guy – he made ALL the signs.

This worked well for a year, but Kerry was itching for greener pastures, and he and Jim amiably dissolved their partnership.

Screenguild now had a few regular customers – others came on board by word of mouth. Other than that first year, Screenguild didn’t have or use a salesman.

Screenguild’s first location was in a very small rented location in Burnaby – 4739 East Hastings – the very same building is still there. But as the volume of work increased, bigger premises were needed.

After doing some searching, Screenguild rented a new stand-alone building at McKay and Beresford in Burnaby. This was in 1970, and long before the Skytrain and Metrotown (which is there now). After many years in that location, the property was bought (for the future Station Square), and Screenguild had to move.

This time, Screenguild (not certain of the exact year) moved to an old house – which was converted into a sign shop – on Randolph Avenue in Burnaby. In 1986, Dan Bosley, Jim’s son, joined Screenguild at the dawn of the computer age – the first vinyl cutters had just come onto the market.

In 1989, Jim Bosley retired, and Dan took over as General Manager. In 1996, Dan bought the company, and a couple of years later, Screenguild moved to Coquitlam (about a block away from Ikea (although Screenguild was there first). Then at the beginning of 2008, Screenguild moved to its present location in Aldergrove. Where, because Dan lives in Aldergrove, he gets to walk to work most days!

In the last 20 years, there have been tremendous advances in computerized sign-making technology and digital printing, and Screenguild has been involved in upgrading equipment as necessary all along that time period.

When one thinks back to the beginning, when Jim made ALL the signs by hand-lettering them with a lettering paint-brush and artistic talent, and compare that to today’s modern technology, it’s rather mind-boggling!


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