This is a large category of products that includes:

  • Wall Graphics and Decals
  • Floor Graphics and Decals
  • Storefront Graphics (doors & windows)
  • Automotive/Marine (graphics, decals & lettering)
  • Custom Stickers and Decals
  • Table Decals and Advertising

These products represent a wide but major form of marketing messaging, style and identification. There is need and opportunity to strategically utilize free spaces everywhere that are in proximity to where your customers can see whatever message you wish to send them. Some of the products are traditional and have been in use for years but there is an increasing amount of products that can be used in creative places to deliver your message effectively or compliment the surroundings you work in.

This is a product category that is somewhat unique but is an important part of what we do. Frostings & Etchmark are used not only for messaging (graphics and wording can be applied to this material) but it is also used for privacy and decorative purposes in offices and retail settings. Material can be applied as large panels, horizontal bars evenly spaced out, in waves, or whatever shapes and sizes the customer desires.

If you need a solution that complements your architectural environment, that incorporates your brand identity, that uses higher-end building materials, and is built to last, you need an architectural signage solution. Architectural signage is typically designed to be viewed up close, it is built with a high attention to detail, it usually has no exposed fasteners or seams and it is built to last a long time.

When people think of signs, this is typically the category they think of. Rigid signs simply represent a category that includes a message, graphic or combination of both mounted onto a “substrate” that is rigid. Rigid signs generally use substrates that have a thickness ranging between 3mm and 10mm and many of them have several colors to choose from. The category is immense with diverse applications. Some of the major categories include:

  • Real Estate signs
  • Show Cards
  • A-Frame signs (Sandwich Boards)
  • Cartwheels
  • Construction Signs
  • Parking & Road Signs

On our Resources page, we identify most of the common substrates used for rigid signs.

Soft signage is a popular and cost effective way to relay a message or advertise your company. There are several types of Banners and Fabric Signs that are easy to install and transport as needed.

The availability of different materials allows these signs to be used shorter term or longer term, depending on the customers need. The material comes in different weights, styles and types which allows the customer to create a wide variety of solutions. Soft signage also offers several different ways to finish them allowing for multiple different ways to install them.

Sign Systems are most often used in commercial settings. They are a system of signs that are themed and used to identify individuals names, company names, suite locations and floor locations.

There are a few different styles that can be used but all of them have a base that is mounted to whatever surface is desired and a plate with the desired content (IE: name, suite number, floor) applied to it. The top plate can be easily changed or updated while the base plate remains attached to the wall or door.

At Screenguild Signs we take pride in creating fully customizable solutions to whatever messaging solutions our customers need. We have applied our skills, ingenuity and years of experience to Specialized Projects that are unique and creative and we enjoy providing these solutions for our customers.